Friday, 15 February 2019

the untrue path of love

I was posted back to Abeokuta, Ogun State. “Your state of origin” Gunner Emmanuel Whisper’s into my ear, i nodded in positive. “How could that be” Emmanuel asked me after we were been dismissed. “I don’t f-----g know” I replied. “We all know that we are fighting insecurity in the country, Bornu, Yobe and Adamawa States are the major states that most of us were posted to, some of them have started crying. Moreover, it has never happened in the history of Nigeria army that a newly passed out soldier was posted back to his own state to go and serve there”. Emmanuel further explained. Me myself wasn’t happy about it because i thought of the fact that i will be a little bit close to my hometown and to where my families resides, i wanted to serve in the eastern or northern part of the country where i will have to meet new people, learn different languages and most of all live an independent life. “Should i go and complaint so that it will be amend.” I thought to myself. While i was thinking about all these things, something brought Ayomide’s thought to mind. “This is an opportunity for me, at least i will be close to her, i will have upper hand to carry out my mission, I will even be able to visit her in Sango anytime i feel like” I thought to myself. It looks as if the thought alone ease my pain, i smile to myself. “I guess it God’s will” I concluded.
We left Kaduna the third day after our passing out, the journey from Kachia Kaduna State to Abeokuta Ogun State was stress free as a long luxurious bus was arranged for only 35 soldiers going to Abeokuta. I engaged myself with games and videos on my phone in order to keep the journey lively. I decided to called Ayomide and informed her about my posting as i have called my mum and my twin brother late that day after our posting has been announced in order to informed them.
Me: Dialing her Number (Ringing)
Ayomide: Hello
Me: Yeah baby girl
Ayomide: How far
Me: Cool here and u
Ayomide: Fine as well
Me: How are your families
Ayomide: They are all fine and what about yours
Me: Glory be to God
Ayomide: Where are you, i can hear the sound of vehicles
Me: Yeah! I just call to inform you that I’m through with my course and i have been posted to my unit.
Ayomide: Waoo! That nice, so how was the course, hope u did not let me down
Me: Laughing! Trust me now
Ayomide: Sure! I trust u. So how did it finish
Me: Glory be to God, Second position!
Ayomide: Waoo! (Shouting) That’s a very good one
Me: Thanks dear
Ayomide: Aren’t you going to celebrate that for me
Me: Laughing! Sure i will…
Ayomide: How many are you guys
Me: We’re just 130
Ayomide: WTF! Second position in a class of 130
Me: Yes
Ayomide: Gabriel you really tried ooo
Me: Thanks dear
Ayomide: U welcome! So where are you posted to
Me: Guess?
Ayomide: Hmmmmm!
Me: *(Silence)*
Ayomide: Don’t tell me is Maiduguri ooo
Me: No
Ayomide: Northeast!
Me: No
Ayomide: Then where now
Me: Hmmmm! (Smiling)
Ayomide: Talk joor
Me: Abeokuta!
Ayomide: Are u kidding me
Me: Am serious
Ayomide: Really
Me: Yes
Ayomide: Waoo! Thank God for you ooo. Your parents will be happy
Me: I did not even like it, i wanted to go to northeast
Ayomide: U are not serious, instead of you to be happy and thank God at the same time, you are here wishing yourself bad luck
Me: Hmmm! Who knows may be you are even the one that pray so that they will bring me close to you
Ayomide: Me! What is my problem with your posting
Me: Laughing! Don’t worry….
Ayomide: Funny you (In an awkward manner)
Me: Am in the vehicle now, on our way to Abeokuta
Ayomide: Alright wish you a safe journey
Me: Thank you! I will chat you later
Ayomide: No problem! Bye…
Me: Bye…
“Yes! At least i have make a move, she should know i am up to something” I said to my self after i hanged up.
No doubt! This journey remains the best I’ve ever embarked on in my life, full of fun till we got to Abeokuta in Ogun State. Most of the instructors that knew me when our screening was conducted were asking me how i make it back to my own state, “Oga na God ooo” I replied with a smiling face. The work is pretty cool, routines such as morning physical training (PT) are carried out three times in a week and evening games two times in a week. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are always for morning PT while Tuesday and Thursdays are for Evening games. At morning PT, normal jugging and light exercise are observed for about 1 hour 15 minutes while Games like football, handball, volleyball, table tennis, Boxing and so on are observed at evening games. Work resumed by 08:45am on morning PT days and 07:45 on non morning PT days. Evening games on the other hand is schedule to hold by 4pm on it’s days. While i resumed at work by 07:45am and closed by 02:00pm, i wondered if am still in secondary school. Everything is simply simple and straight with timing. Once you find yourself late for any activities, the guardroom (place where offenders are kept) will be your best friend for that day. We still received lectures as if we are still on course, i wasn’t comfortable about the lectures because i found out that the same thing we were been thought in Kaduna are the same thing they are still teaching us. One day, i decided to ask why we can’t just leave all this things aside and move on with another topic since everyone of us have understood the message they are trying to pass across to us. On asking the question, the instructor ask the class to give me a round of applause, everybody wondered why they are clapping for me when the guardroom supposed to be my best friend throughout the day for asking such stupid question. To them, the question sounds stupid and awkward but the the instructor, it really means i have been paying attention to what I’m been thought right from Artillery school. “The corp of Artillery is a very delicate corp as no single iota of mistake will be tolerate in the battle field. The corp required us to fire our target without seeing it and at the same time fire over our friendly forces. If a single mistake occur in the computing then there is every possibilities that the shot will land on our friendly forces and you all know what that means.” The instructor explained. We all nodded our head in positive with amazed. “That is why our slogan remains the “Corp of Proud Professional” because we don’t make mistake.” The instructor further explained!
“Gabriel, you just justify the second position you obtained in Kaduna” He commended me. All eyes was on me, i feel blushed.
I’ve already settled down after four months, my parlour well arranged with a 32 inches plasma television, a set of home sound system, portable refrigerator with juice and fruits inside, shinning curtain, rug carpet, 14 inches standing fan and a beautiful center table. My bedroom holds a 6 by 6 14 inches mattress, a small bedroom refrigerator and other thing that beautify a room. I don’t know why i was arranging my house to impress Ayomide, i have been thinking of inviting her down to my place but i was just taking my time. Since i met her at Mr Biggs, i haven’t set my eyes on her again, we only keep phone conversation and WhatApp chat.
I have make up my mind to make my intention known to her whenever she comes. Play the first home match if possible at the same time.
I picked up my phone and dialled her number.
Me: ****Calling Ayomide****
Ayomide: Hello oga soldier
Me: Baby girl, what’s up
Ayomide: Am cool and you
Me: Fine jare, how was your day
Ayomide: We thank Baba God ooo
Me: That’s nice
Ayomide: And how is Abeokuta?
Me: Abeokuta is fine ooo, life here is pretty simple most especially in the barracks
Ayomide: Really
Me: Yeah! Not like sango “You know what i mean now” I murmured jokingly.
Ayomide: You are not serious ****We both laugh**** So what’s the latest?
Me: Hmmmm! The latest is, i want you to come to Abeokuta
Ayomide: “To do what?” She asked surprisingly
Me: I just want to see you
Ayomide: Me! “Come to Abk” she asked curiously. Moreover! If u want to see me, you know my house
Me: ***She wan dey form innocent be that*** No now! it’s not like that
Ayomide: Then is like how
Me: You know am a young soldier, i cannot start applying for pass now. Moreover, they will think i want to start taking an advantage of the fact that am serving in my state.
Ayomide: That’s true, you have a point
Me: ***Chai! I be Baddo*** So that’s why… Infact I’ve missed you self
Ayomide: ***Smiling*** What did u miss about me
Me: Don’t worry, i will tell you when u come
Ayomide: So! When did u want me to come
Me: On Saturday!
Ayomide: ****Hmmmm**** Today is Tuesday, I will think about it and give you feedback on Friday
Me: Alright dear i will be expecting
Ayomide: Ok
Me: So where are you now
Ayomide: At home
Me: Doing what
Ayomide: Just lying down. What about you
Me: Soldier’s Club
Ayomide: Soldier’s Club?
Me: Yes
Ayomide: What are you doing there
Me: Just having fun, playing snooker
Ayomide: Hmmm….
Me: Any prob about that
Ayomide: Not at all
Me: Alright dear
Ayomide: Just take care of yourself
Me: I will! And u too
Ayomide: Alright
Me: Bye
Ayomide: Bye
Me: Hung Up…
It was past 8 already, i left soldier’s club for my house. When i got home, i was tired and unable to cook, i decided to check on Mummy Teni if she has something in her kitchen that she can offer me, Mummy Teni is my neighbour, i stayed in room 1 while she stays in room 2, her husband was among those who conducted our screening exercise but unfortunately for him, he was nominated to Maiduguri for an internal operation before i came back form training. Mummy Teni and i have been so closed since the very first day i moved into that my room. We do call eachother Neighbour by name…
Me: ****Knocking at her door****
Mummy Teni: Who is that
Me: Neighbour! Neighbour!!
Mummy Teni: Neighbour?
Me: Abeg con open door joor
Mummy Teni: ****Door opens****
Me: Good evening ma
Mummy Teni: Good evening ***Paving way for me to enter inside***
Me: I thought you would have slept
Mummy Teni: I just want to finish with this film before i go to bed jare
Me: Alright! Where is Teni
Mummy Teni: He’s inside sleeping
Me: Sleepy Sleepy
Mummy Teni: ***Laughing*** Leave my son alone ooo. Where are you coming from by this time of the day
Me: Soldier’s Club
Mummy Teni: Ok
Me: Please is there anything eatable in this house
Mummy Teni: Yes! I cooked beans in the evening, should i bring it for you
Me: You still asking again, what brought me here if not food
Mummy Teni: ***Smiling*** You will not kill me
Me: Abeg bring package it for me jare
Mummy Teni: Went into the kitchen and came out with a flask
Me: That’s why i like my neighbour
Mummy Teni: Na you sabi
Me: Till tomorrow jare
Mummy Teni: Alright good night
Me: Thanks so much, good night!
Mummy Teni: ***Shut the door***
After i finished eating, I sat down on my bed, initiated a chat with Ayomide. She replied instantly as if she has been waiting for my message, we chatted for about 30 minutes before i slept off.
It’s was as if Saturday will not come, all the days was kind of slow, i had make an arrangement with Peter, one of my course mate to help me pick Ayomide as soon as she got to the junction next to our barracks in order to avoid security check at the gate. He assured me that there will be no f--k up and that he is going to carry out mission perfectly.
On Thursday, i decided to go to a nearby market to buy fried rice ingredient, I’m very good in cooking, i learnt how to cook good food when i was staying with my aunty that attended a catering school. I’ve been rehearsing on how everything is going to look like that day, it was all funny as i was displaying in my room alone as if am crazy. That night, i called her in order to remind her if she hasn’t forget about her coming on Saturday. “Am working towards it” She replied.
On Friday, I made everything i needed available, i purchased a kilo of turkey at the mami market (mini market right in front of the barracks gate), I fried it and preserved it inside my refrigerator. Later in the evening, i was arranging some of the music I’m going to play when she comes. I heard my phone ringing from the bedroom, “maybe she is the one calling ooo” i murmured while i rush to pick it up. I look at the screen and it was Ayomide, i took a deep breath before i picked the call.
Me: Hmmm! Baby Girl…
Ayomide: How far
Me: Am cool, U?
Ayomide: Fine!
Me: How u doing?
Ayomide: Great! I just want to tell u that i will be coming over tomorrow
Me: ****Very Happy**** Waoo! What time are u coming?
Ayomide: Hmmm! Around 10:00am
Me: Haba! 10? “Y can’t you make it 08:00am.” I requested happily
Ayomide: ****Smiling**** “Why don’t you ask me to start coming by 04:00am” She replied jokingly.
Me: Ok! Let make it 09:00am
Ayomide: Ok i will try
Me: Alright! Honestly I can’t wait to see you
Ayomide: ***Smiling*** Tomorrow is here na
Me: I just want to close my eyes and see you by the time i will open it
Ayomide: ****Laughing****
Me: ****Laughing**** Am serious!
Ayomide: Just chill! Tomorrow is around the corner
Me: Alright dear
Ayomide: So what are you going to prepare for me
Me: Anything you want
Ayomide: ****Smiling**** Fried rice and chicken
Me: ****Thank God ooo**** Done!
Ayomide: Funny you. Where will u get it from
Me: Wait and see
Ayomide: Ok! I’ve heard you
Me: I have to be on my way to tattoo now
“Tattoo is a gathering mandatory for all soldiers in the barracks, late in the evening every blessed day”
Ayomide: Alright! Start going so that you won’t be late
Me: Bye Dear
Ayomide: Bye
I couldn’t held how joyful i am, it was as if a President’s daughter is coming to pay me a visit, i just can wait to see tomorrow. After tattoo that night, i met with peter and briefed him about how everything is going to work out as planed. I gave him Ayomide’s phone number, do not call her until you get to the that junction tomorrow. “No problem” he replied. “I will call and inform you as soon as she got to the place so that you will go and pick her up” i concluded. Peter’s block and mine is a little bit close to each other, he made way to his house when he got to the junction of house.
I slept around 08:40pm, only to woke up and found out that is just 11:50pm. “So i have been sleep for just 3 hours since i slept.” I murmured angrily while coming out of the toilet and i went back to bed.
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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Unknown destination (Inspiring story)

I kept on driving, to an unknown destination. I didn't know who to call or turn to. I could not go to Monalisa's house because my Dad will definately send a search party to look for me there. I can not believe that my own Dad wanted to have sex with me. Nothing about it sounds normal to me.  That old disgusting grandmother of mine can burn in hell for all I care. How can she expect to rest in peace after all she did. She must never rest in peace.

I cried until I had no tears left, drove until there was no fuel left. It never came to my mind that I was supposed to fill the gas tank. I didn't as well realise that I was already outside town. I was deep in my thoughts that I just drove to where the wind was blowing.

I exited the car so I could check the surroundings. I can not even remember when last I filled the gas tank. Reality began to sink in. I was in the middle of no where. I doubt that I have been to this side of town before. There was nothing I could do except wait for morning to come so I could figure something out.

There was no doubt that my Dad was going to look for me. I even became increasingly worried when Lyn crossed my mind. How she was going to survive in that house. I mean, she is young, soon to turn fourteen but, there is no telling what that old man will do to her in the near future. I also thought of my little brother, how disappointed he will be to learn that I just disappeared from home like that. I certainly doubt Mom will tell the truth. What kind of a sister am I going to be. The one who only cares about saving herself and not even take a minute to think about others. Oh my God, I left my sister in hell. Yes, my mother said I should run and never look back, but is that possible really, taking into consideration that I just left my two beloved siblings in that house.

I woke up to a loud blood curdling scream. I tried closing my eyes again but the scream kept penetrating into my half-conscious brain.  The scream was too loud to ignore. I slowly sat up straight on my bed so I could locate where the sound was coming from.

Surprisingly, it came from my parent's bedroom. I wonder what is going on, yes we have a funeral going on but this scream doesn't sound like a funeral one.I exited my room then made my way to Simelokuhle's. Weirdly, she was not there and her room was upside down. That was unusual, knowing my sister, she is the smartest and most organised person I know.
I couldn't help but wonder where she went at this time of the night and why her room was like that. I went forward to Qondile's room. I obviously needed someone older than me to help me check what was going on with Mom and Dad. Lucky for me,  Qondile was there. He was not that difficult to wake up. We rushed to  our parent's room and yes, it was not an ordinary scream. They were fighting, or maybe  I should say my Dad was the one beating Mom without mercy.

Qondi: Dad? What in God's name is happening here? Do you want to kill my Mom.

That fell on a deaf ear, Dad was not listening to any of what Qondile said. Mom was bleeding from the nose and mouth. The sight was disturbing, not to mention how shocked I was because since I was born, I had never seen my parents fighting or differing view points.

Me: Dad please, stop! I beg you.

Him: stay out of this, both of you.This is between me and your mother.

What  is going on here?Like seriously, we are supposed to be mourning and now this?

We stood there  confused. Dad came and forcefully pushed us out of the room. This man is really serious, isn't he? So, he is pushing us out so that we can leave and allow him to continue killing our mother? No way!

Me: please Qondile do something!

Qondi: Dad, whatever it is,I'm sure it will not be solved by killing Mom. What will become of us if you beat Mom to death and then go to prison for the rest of your life.

If there is one thing my brother is good at,  it's convincing. Those words must have touched his heart. He took a deep breathe, then gave us that 'I'm sorry look'.  He then looked at Mom who was now lying motionless on the floor. He knelt down, apologised to mom's unconscious body and cried in regret. He stood up, carried her to his car and drove away saying he was taking her to the hospital.

Qondile and I stayed home hoping and praying that Mom was going to be fine. It was a relief to see that my Dad finally came to his senses and decided to take my Mom to the hospital but, I still had one not yet answered question. Where is Simelokuhle at this time of the night?

I went back inside the house. With Qondile's help. We searched the whole house but unfortunately there was no sign of her.

I never knew how uncomfortable it is to sleep in a car until today. When I woke up ,the darkness of the night was already softening it's way to dawn.
 I took my hand bag,  exited the car and left. My plan was to get a taxi since cars were already passing by. I could not continue using my car and make it easier for my Dad to find me.

In about two hours I was in the central business district. It didn't take that long for shops and banks to open. I managed to withdraw five thousand USD. I wanted more but, unfortunately for me  that was the limit.

I needed to sleep that's one thing for sure and I desperately wanted to take a bath. I passed by Nandos, bought myself a cool drink alongside a full chicken and chips then proceeded to check myself in a lodge.

The lodge was not fancy and it was very cheap, exactly what I needed because I know my Dad will start by looking for me in those fancy and expensive hotels since he knows I have the money.
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Saturday, 9 February 2019

Saved from dieing (Heart Touching Story)

Hours turned into days and days eventually into weeks since that day Mom got involved in an accident. My siblings and I never stopped praying as well as going to church. We prayed even harder. We had every reason to thank God for this miracle. My mother could have died, but she didn't. She may never walk again but that is far much better than not having her at all.

I must admit, when I started praying it felt like a lot of work, but now it's all I do and think of. I feel at peace, protected and comforted everytime after all my prayer sessions.

So, I have been going through my daily routine though it was a bit different this time since I also had to visit Mom at the hosptal. The family business is still going, problems are there but we pray that it will stay as successful. Lyn and Qondile are also doing well, they couldn't stomach the fact that Mom will never walk again but later they realised it was better since they still have her. Our pastor gave us comforting verses to read and also taught us that everything happens for a reason. He also said everything will be ok in the end and if it's not then it won't be the end. Tamie and Lisa have been good friends, helping me every step of the way. We also went together to visit and pray for Mom at the hospital.

 Sometimes it was hard for me to concentrate during lectures, I had a lot on my mind. Most of all I was worried about my Mom but eventually I got used to the current situation. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger I guess.

So today it's friday and also the day Mom will be discharged from the hospital. She has been saying that she has a lot to tell us and she stressed out that she was going to tell us the day she will get discharged. So, after school I went to fetch my siblings from their respective schools and Mom from the hospital then later went home. We are going to have something like a family meeting but surprisingly Mom requested that I invite my pastor, his wife and at least five or more members from the church. I wonder what she wants to say or maybe she just wants to thank them for their prayers and support.

We arrived home and Mom refused to eat anything. She kept saying, " there is no point, I don't want to die with a full stomach.' That statement gave me goosebumps I will not lie. I didn't want to read too much into it so I brushed it off.

As per request, the pastor arrived later in the evening with his wife and five church members. Mom, I, Qondlie and Lyn received them and we all sat in the lounge. The pastor's wife said a prayer and we sat there waiting to hear what Mom had to say.
Mom: It all started when my beloved husband and I got married. We were so in love but very poor at the same time. We were both over ambitious,  wanted those things we knew we could not afford. We didn't lack all the basics thats one thing For sure. My husband worked so hard to bring food on the table. one day, his Mom became sick, we could not afford to take her to a good hospital. Struggling to speak she said, ' now I'm going to die because my only son can not afford to take me to the hospital. Being poor is a disease. I thought you were going to grow, be something better and take care of me. I took you to school but now you are failing to buy enough groceries for me and now here I am dying slowly.' To a certain extent I agreed with my mother inlaw. It's not only her suffering, I mean, I was even pregnant that time but we could not afford to buy nice maternity dresses since our pocket kept shrinking. I also wanted more.

That day my husband and I had a serious discussion and ended up agreeing that we were going to do whatever it takes to make quick money so we could help his mother, as well as having that fancy life we have always wanted. We visted this one man who was known for making people rich. He did his work a few meters from the lake close to the city.

To be rich we also had to give something in return. He asked that we marry my unborn daughter to one of his serpents. This  meant  my daughter will never be married nomatter how hard she will push her luck.  My husband was also to have sex with his mother for five days in every month. He also said my second born will be a boy and that he will not be married For the spirits of the water already has a wife For him. He said  If you do not want your son to be married off then you will have to follow every request we give you and make no mistakes. He stated that i will have a second daughter but she will not be affected by any of it.
we were also to sacrifice two family member every year, either from my side or my husband's.

It was a lot to stomach in but we had no choice but to agree. As disgusting as it was, my husband went to have sex with his sick Mom while I watched. It did not take long for  my mother inlaw to agree. She just said she was going to do anything as long as it will make her well again.

After the act with his mother that night, we woke up the next morning with a closet full of money. I'm talking of new USD notes. I freaked out I won't lie. I had mixed feelings. I was scared, happy and confused at the same time. The money was too much, maybe 500 000, I have no clue because I tried counting it but i couldn't keep up.

We took some of the money, used it to get my mother in law the best medical attention this country could offer. She became well in no time.

I tell you, in two months we had it all.  A campany breathing fire, houses,  cars, expensive clothes, you name it. Life was good. I have been poor and I have been rich but take it from me,  rich is better. I loved every part of it.

Months became years and i had all my kids. Everytime my husband had sex with his mother we would wake up to a closet full of money.

My son started being affected when my daughter refused to have sex with her father so that my mother inlaw can rest in peace. It was a request and had to be done but I no longer liked it. Killing peole every year was already destroying me because we were running out of relatives,  everyone hated us and I could not live with the guilt........

To be continued💞

Chapter 20
Mom: My children, you are free from everything now. You will meet good man and women. You will marry , have children and be happy but I won't be here to see it.

( looking at the pastor)
Don't try to save me, I don't want you to.I have done worse trust me, I continued doing some rituals even after my husband's death. I do not deserve to live.
I made this deal, that the day I will let all my secrets out is the day I  die. My childen, I love you so much and I want you to know how sorry I am for everything we put you through as your parents. Especially you Sime my daughter, I'm truly sorry. I know my sorry will not make up for everything but I hope you will feel better.You have been through a lot. Make good use of the properties we have left you, work hard in school and make your own riches because the ones we are leaving you will not last long since we didn't get it the right way in the first place.

She paused.

Mom:I can hear the gates from the hell opening, they are waiting For me. My husband is calling me to where I belong. It's time.
I wish I could tell you that this was a dream but then it was real. After she said it's time, she started choking. Holding her throat,she fell from the couch. Her eyes turned red and later blood started coming out from the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Her skin colour was changing into something I still can not explain until today.

I tried running upto her but my pastor didn't let me get that far. The other church members were holding my siblings who were screaming and kicking trying to save our mother from whatever it was.

She truly died, I couldn't believe it. I know that after her confession I was supposed to hate her. I felt sorry for her and now I'm going to be the head of my family. Just the three of us, why does life have to work out this way.
The pastor and the church members tried their best to make us feel better but honestly this was just one bitter pill to swallow. I had to face the world in the eye and take control. Be the strong  sister that I have always been.
Days later

The church was there to help us with Mom's burial. Church is the only family we have now. Now that we are free from all those evil rituals and deals that were made by our parents, it's time to move on and make sure never to make the same mistake our parents made. I have seen God's power and I trust in his word. When life gets tough i know he will be there to lead us.  I intend to move from this house,  maybe sell it and get a new one because I can not stand all the bad memories in this house.

Like I said before, in life there are things you know,there are things you don't know and there are things you don't even know, but then, there are also those things you don't even know you don't know. I only knew that i was born in a rich family and had everything I needed. I classifed my parents as perfect. I didn't know what my family was made of until I saw my own father on top of his mother. I thought I had seen it all but then little did I know that there was much more behind the scene. When my grandma and my Dad died i thought it was over, but I didn't even know that my Mom was practising rituals too and that my brother and I were married off to some evil spirits in the spiritual realm.

But then, what I don't know is not important. What is important is what I know and I know that with God by my side I will have a story to tell and with him evil spirits will have no power over my life.

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Friday, 8 February 2019

the live show of a campus celebrity

this is the artist we talked about, he’s an award winning artist, with currently millions of fan base all over.” Sophia turned to Boma, who was introducing whoever it was, as they emerged.
Sophia felt her heart constrict, all her vital organs ceased functioning for a second. She tried to calm herself and smile, instead she felt hot burning tears searing at her eyes.
This was nemesis, this was Karma, she had hidden for so long, she created so many fake profiles to get him off her back. She remembered all the ways she blocked his friend requests on Facebook, blocked his access on IG, and constantly switched accounts on Twitter.
He came in and gave Boma, a brief curt smile. She had already anticipated his coming, she had seen the list and she had wondered why on earth she decided to help Christine, Ness’s cousin to organize her wedding.
But the shock was still there, she felt sweat trickle down her spine. Could he still recognize her? Does he know about his son?
“Good afternoon Miss Benjamin, so we finally meet…again.” he said smirking at her, Gosh! He remembered.
“Afternoon Mr Ani, please do have your seat.” she said, as she shook his hands. She felt tingles and butterflies in her stomach. “Sophia stop acting like a lovesick teen.” she chided herself.
“Thank you. So I’m here to discuss the arrangements and bookings.” she nodded briefly before her mouth just went dry, he looked even more handsome than before.
“Em…all you need is with your agent, you really shouldn’t have come.” she said after resuscitating her salivary glands.
“Really, I prefer meeting with my clients to know what they really want, its customary to me, I don’t get personal but I’ll like to get more information. Afterall information is power.” he said, as he leaned into the settee, sizing her up. She began to regret wearing the low cut plunge mini dress that Ness gave her. It was really a grave mistake, especially from the reactions she was receiving. He looked like he was starving and she was his best dish.
“Then what do you want to know?” she said, as she sat up, this dress shouldn’t embarrass her.
“Oh just the couple, how they met and minor stuff…then I’d like to know why you ran away then?” he gave her a challenging look. The grey button down shirt molded his frame and everytime he spoke, it was like…”Sophia get a hold of yourself.” she said inside her.
“Why I ran away? I don’t understand what you’re saying. The couple would meet with you in a moment, do excuse me.” she said, as she stood from her seat. Christine and Jacob was already coming in, that was a quick relief, that was so close. She ran out of the office and left the to be couple to engage the man.
Boma grinned when he caught her sneaking out,”Boma, you scared me.” she turned when she heard a footstep behind her.
“Of course and oh Chris is here.” he said, pointing from his window at the school bus already dropping her son.
“Oh My! Boma you know how much I love you, right?” she gave him a pleading look.
“So I should play with him or what? Look for your information if everybody is blind, I’m not blind that boy is a direct wax imprint of Dugbsy boy, but I wonder why.” he said as he gave her a questioning look.
“People look alike a lot, ever heard of dopplegangers. So leave it at that, people tell me that a lot, my son looks like a popular star. Duh! Why shouldn’t I be proud.” she shrugged and ignored Boma’s piercing gaze.
“Okay whatever just pay me in full, a pack of mint and some goodies Ness brought for you.” he said, as he dusted imaginary dirt from his lavender shirt.
“You’re the best. Gotta go.” she said as she ran back to her office.
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the selfmade man

When we(Timi and I) got home, What I saw made me dumbfounded.
It was Agatha hanging out with Tolu and Tobi.
Timi was also shocked and I could see hatred burning in her eyes, but I pretend not to. Immediately I alighted from the car I went closer to Agatha and I gave her a deep kiss, the kids were laughing so I took a break and told them to close their eyes and I resumed my duty.
The kiss was so passionate and trust me, I am a good player when it comes to that aspect.
When Agatha noticed that I was not close to breaking the kiss, she did herself.
Agatha: Don’t kill me Enny.
Me: sorry… I miss you so much my love.
Agatha: Are you sure you did miss me?
Me: is that suppose to be a joke. Lemme tell you something, there’s no day I did not think of you.
Agatha: I trust you. Let’s go inside.
I was expecting her to ask what Timi was doing in the car with me but she didn’t. Maybe she’s still going to ask.
Agatha: Where’s you guest.
Me: Guest!
Agatha: The one in the car with you.
Me: Ooh gimme a minute.
I rushed outside only to see that Timi was no where to be found so I asked the GM if he had seen her and the GM told me she has gone.
I returned inside to settle down with the love of my life.
Agatha: Where’s she.
Me: She has left already.
Agatha: Okay, if I may ask, what was she doing in the car with you, driving?
Me: It’s nothing baby just forget it for now, that’s story for another day.
I expected her to insist that I give her explanation but instead her reply was positive.
Agatha: Okay then, I just hope no string attached.
Me: trust me baby no string attached.
Agatha: Okay then, I bought a gift for you.
Me: A gift! for me.
Agatha: just relax I’ll back.
she stood up and went towards the room I have no idea the room she went.
Soon she came out with a small box in her hand.
Me: What’s in there baby.
Agatha: Be calm just close your eye and stretch your left hand.
I did as I was ordered to. soon I felt a cold metal on my hand it was a wrist watch but I don’t know which type it is yet.
Agatha: Open your eyes.
You can’t believe what I’m seeing, it was a silver Rolex watch.
I just frowned my face and she was scared.
Agatha: Is anything the problem?
Me: You know what, just believe that no one can take your place in my heart.
And we started another round of hot kiss. Not until Bisi interrupted the good mood by clearing her throat.
Bisi: You did not even ask of me that’s too bad.(referring to Agatha)
Agatha: I’m so sorry, but I do ask of you when ever I call.
Me: No no no don’t drag me into this.
Bisi: You are guilty as charged bros.
She just come closer and gave Agatha a hug and they left.
Me: Take it easy ooo Bisi.
Bisi: Don’t worry bro.
I just smiled to my self.
I was sitting alone in the living room admiring the watch when Lanre arrived with a lady. They did not even greet.
Me: Lanre! Where are you coming from and who is she.
He stopped and came closer.
Lanre: Where I go or who I hang out with is non of your business.
Me: Well it will be non of my business only if you dont live here but for now its my d--n business cos I own this house.
Lanre: Ooh its your house right, well then I’ll leave.
Baby let’s go.
Immediately he left, I regret using that word. its just as if I’m drawing a battle line. I was still thinking when Aunty Funke came in.
Aunty Funke: What happened to Lanre? why did he leave in that manner?
Just then, Bisi and Agatha came in and they also asked the same question.
I could not say a word, I just stood up and headed straight to my room. I know I left them confused but I was more confused than they are. Too much problem for one day.
I was already sleeping until I felt a hand messaging my back. Without being told, I know its my one and only Agatha. I turned to meet her wonderful smile and I stare at her for a while before I started kissing her wonderful lips again and soon we were both unclad then she whispered into my ear ‘Baby I’ve missed you so much’ I just smiled as I was staring at her bare body right on my bed and soon I penetrate her k---y-cat and started banging her in different styles until I c-m deep inside her stomach. I have no worries, not now that I’m a millionaire.
I fell beside her as we were Both breathing heavily.
Agatha: You didn’t use condom.
Me: No worries dear.
Agatha: Are you sure about this.
Me: Yh baby.
We had other rounds of bleeping which I enjoyed.
We slept off and when I woke up, she was still asleep and I just stare at her lovely body and her lips again and I Kissed it. She responded which signifies that she’s awake. Then I started smooching her but she restricted.
Agatha: I’m tired joor.
Me: okay babe I’ll be in the shower.
Agatha: This is past seven, won’t you take the kids to school.
Me: No worries, I got that covered.
Agatha: I don’t understand this your recent behaviour.
Me: Since you left, a lot of things changed. Aunty Funke also changed, since the past few months, she has been taking good care of the children which include taking them to school.
Agatha: Hope she’s not up to something.
Me: Anything she’s up to, I just pray it’s positive.
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the valentine day of love episode 2

I never knew going against Adesewa’s will can land me into serious trouble. I thought I could just force her and have my way with her. But something is a little weird… that was the first time I will touch Adesewa, its was kind of romantic to me… But hell follow suit.
I was bundled like a bag of rice by the soldiers into a van. I was taken to the army barrack where I was tortured like a terrorist. You will think am a suicide bomber with the way am being tortured. I was beaten black and white. I served hot punishment like I ever before. I was there in the guard room for 3 days before I was being released.
For a whole week, I couldn’t go out, I later end up having a fever which lasted for another week. Well even through my hardships, I still have the selfie save on my phone. I use it as my wallpaper so whenever I remember the bitter sweet day, I will just smile and look down my stomach. The torturing actually gave me six packs.
I resumed back to my station, I lied to some people that I traveled and they believed me without questioning me further. And if they don’t believe me, its their problem.
My boss employed a new employee, the first female employee in our mist, the rest are male’s. We welcomed her in and am being requested by my boss to show her round and also show her, her office. I can see some male employee gallivanting around her like a peacock. Well the lady is beautiful to some men, she has a small b----t and a moderately big a-s, I have no intention of f-----g her cos shes definitely not my type. Her name is yetunde and every men in my station has been resounding that name ever seen she arrived.
My boss ordered her be my accompany whenever am going out to others stations, well I really don’t like the idea but there’s nothing I can do.
We were both sent to one of the radio station one day. Sometimes I do wonder why am being giving a tail. Apart from the fact that she’s a novice, she do annoy me sometimes, she will take a note and a pen along and write down every of my conversations including my soliloquy, and she will give a full details of everything I did out there back to my boss. I have to get rid of her before its get late.
Two weeks passed and I didn’t see a glimpse of Adesewa, perhaps she’s avoiding me, perhaps am the one avoiding her. Maybe neither.
I was on the field checking the rain gauge when I sighted yetunde , I was about taking my leave when she said I have a guest waiting for me in the office.
I followed her in and I met Adesewa sitting on one of the visitors chair. I was surprised to see her and at the same time confused, why will she want to see me. I look at yetunde to be sure if she’s actually here to see me or the boss. ” she didn’t mention the boss name, she mentioned your name” she said, then later excuse us. I look at Adesewa not knowing what to say but she later speak up.
Adesewa : good afternoon
Me: its evening not afternoon.
Adesewa : all the same… I came here to apologize for…
Me: now you are sorry?
Adesewa : you deserved it
Me : just because I had a selfie with you?
Adesewa : No! You forced me
Me : and I deserved that?
Adesewa : look am sorry OK? I was angry then… as in i have never had selfie with a guy before…
Me:oh… OK. You are forgiven. Can I get a hug?
Adesewa : absolutely not
Me : and there she goes again. Don’t tell me you haven’t hug a guy before.
Adesewa : am leaving, take care.
Me: can I have your contact then?
Adesewa : no way am giving you that, its for your own good.
Me: I certainly don’t care about my good.
Adesewa : you don’t learn do you?
Me: am thankful for that, now I have a six packs just because of that.
Adesewa : what exactly do you want?
Me : friendship and nothing more.
Adesewa : its gonna be in a very hard way.
Me : and am f-----g ready for it.
Adesewa : this isn’t bravery you know.
Me: neither it is cowardice.
Adesewa : don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Me : its gonna be prudence. So do I get a hug.
Adesewa : you get a NO
******* ***** ***** ****** ****** ***** ****** **
One beautiful Saturday morning, I was doing some cleaning when a car drove in my compound, I wasn’t expecting any guest so I shifted my attention away from the car, not long I heard my name and I look at the direction the voice came from, only to see floral clad on a tight beautiful gown. I must admit it, she look differently beautiful than before. Her heavy b----t stood firm on her chest, and her curves are visibly sexy. ” hey ayo, I just brought this car, and I want you to go with me to a dinner party this evening, but before that let go have some fun ” she said giving me a sexy week. I take another look at her and the car, I quickly remove my hand from the clothes am washing then run inside to change, the clothes can wait but the outing can’t.
Firstly she took me to a boutique where she bought some expensive dinner suit for me, then we later head to the saloon where I got my hair cut and shaved, we later head to her residence where we had some round of hot sex before heading to the dinner party.
I put on the clothe she bought for me and am looking as good as a noble man, even if am not noble. She put on a black dinner gown that expose some part of her b----t , she wasn’t wearing a bra, or I guess they don’t wear a bra on that type of gown.
She gave me the car key and ask me to drive the car, well its been long that I handle a car, but the driving skills is still up there. She gave me the description of a popular hotel and I drive there. We got there around 6 in the evening. She hold my hand and we both walk in like a coupel. We met two bouncers and they requested for our invitation, Floral gave them the invitation and we were both allowed in.
On getting inside i met alot of rich people dressed in an expensive English outfit. I sat on one of the sit and floral excuse herself to greet some people. I sat there wondering how life will be if I happen to be rich.
The number of guest increase by each minutes and I began wondering who might be holding such a huge dinner party. I was still sitting there alone when a woman which will be in her early 50’s approached me with two glass of wine.
Woman : hello handsome
Me: evening Ma.
Woman : oh don’t call me Ma, am Susan and you?
Me : OK… Am Ayo
Susan: I like your stature
Me: thank you Ma… Or sorry, Susan rather
Susan : you have a partner?
Me: yea, I actually come with one.
Susan: OK then… I like you and I want you as my boy.
Me: I don’t get you?
Susan : have my business card and give me a call later.
She hand me her business card and give me an old sexy wink, I collected it and put it in my suit pocket. I saw a red wine on the table in which am sitting and I helped myself with it, I was busy drinking the wine when I sighted yetunde, I was surprise to see her, I quickly hide my face from her but I guess I was late cos I caught her looking at my direction, but she didn’t approach me. I systematically check who she’s with and I found to my dismay that its no one but my boss. “So you two have something going on, God catch you today” I said to myself then take another glass of wine, some minutes after Floral joined me and the party begins. ” Floral may I know the person holding this party? ” I asked with so much curiosity. She look at me then smile ” oh sorry, I forgot to tell you, its the president wife” she said. ” like seriously? Where is she then” I asked. “She will soon be here” she replied.
I finish all the wine on the table and I began feeling a little tipsy, due to too much alcohol my bladder becomes full, I excused myself to use the toilet and I accidentally enter the female toilet. I was already in before I realized, anyway toilet is toilet. After am done urinating I was about going out when I heard some anomalous sounds from one of the toilet. I smiled to myself cos I know exactly what sound it is. I wonder why some people enjoy having sex in the toilet. I wanted to mind my business but my curiosity won’t, so I slienty tip toe to the door and peep through the key hole. My eye capture yetunde face but I wasn’t sure if its her, so I waited outside for them to finish, I know they can’t pass through the roof, they will surely pass through the door. 10 minutes later the door was open and my boss came out.
Boss : hey Ayo, what are you doing here?
Me: waiting to use the toilet.
Boss: this is the female toilet.
Me: I don’t think so, cos I just see you coming out of here, and you are not a female.
Boss: I forgot to read the instructions
Me: sir, if you will excuse me, I have to go in and urinate.
Boss: No you can’t go in
Me : why?
Boss: because…
Me: is there someone in there?
Boss: not really…
Me : so excuse me.
I push my way through him and enter the toilet, I met yetunde sitting on the Water closet 🚾 pretending to be defecating. She was shocked to see me, but I really don’t care, sometimes alcohol is good for the body. It will give you confident. I look at her for a moment then I burst into an uncontrollable laugh.
Me: you dey s--t?
Yetunde : no… Just…
Me : just opening your holes for fresh air to enter?
Yetunde : ayo… Its not what you are thinking…
Me: does it look like am thinking, I tey for outside small ooo, how many rounds you and Oga had?
Yetunde : Ayo!
Me: don’t worry you guys secret are save with me, you can still go for another round. See you in the hall.
I opened the door then head directly to the dinner hall. The party ended the following day and everyone left for their homes.
****** ***** ******* ******** ******** ********
Having your boss under your control is a cool thing, and for yetunde she do and write whatever I asked her to.
On a beautiful Sunday morning, I was preparing for church when I received a call from an unknown number.
Me: hello, who’s on the line
Unknown : its me Susan
Me: oh Susan
Susan : you didn’t call me, why?
Me: am sorry, I forgot to.
Susan : will you be busy this evening?
Me: not at all
Susan : then meet me at odin’s hotel this evening at 7 pm.
Me: OK I will see if I can make it.
Susan : I will be expecting you.
I ended the call then head to church, only God knows what this woman want from me.
At 7pm I prepare myself and head to the hotel, the receptionist directed me to a room, I opened the door and I met Susan on the bed clad on a night gown , on seeing me she put on a smile. ‘I thought you maybe wouldn’t come’ , she said. ‘I actually did ‘ I replied. Then all of a sudden she let lose her night gown exposing her naked body to me. ‘ Ayo if you can f--k me really hard, I promise to give you 3 times what Floral is giving you’ she said. I look at her body, even though her body is fading but she still maintain her beauty, her b----t has fallen but still very much okay to be suck. Her p---y is clean shaven, I can even see the inner of her p***y. I slowly grab her b----t then suck it up with great force, I take my finger down to her p---y, I inserted 3 finger into her hole, then lock my lips with her. Her p---y cream began dripping on my hand, I removed my hand from her p---y they focus all my attention on her b----t. I later take my head down and professionaly give her a head. I inserted my d--k into her after some time, and I bang her like a 20 years old lady. Her screaming was beyond description, after about 45 minutes, I released, and within 2 minutes, my d--k was called to action again. I positioned her on a missionary style spreading her two legs apart then enter her with a very deep penetration. This go on for another 45 minutes. She stopped me on the 3rd round saying that she’s already tired, I got up from her then head to the bathroom. I returned back to the bedroom some minutes after. Then all of a sudden Floral banged in.
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