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The trip to Benin with doctor gbenga

Agric Bus Stop
arguably boasted of one of the
highest number of people that
lived in Ikorodu. A market
woman screamed at a man who
was half running to catch a bus
that had just one more seat left,
and in the process, scattered
some of her fresh peppers on
the ground.
she screamed obscenities at the
man at the top of her lungs. The
culprit was already in the bus. If
he heard the curses rained on
him, he didn’t show it. I smiled
wryly, bent and began helping
the woman pick the pepper
scattered on the floor. I washed
my hands with the water she
provided and continued on my
way home. I was feeling
particularly happy though. I had
just experienced a wonderful
time in the arms of my
heartthrob. I called in sick from
work and had spent the past
5hours with her. She was going
to be away for quite a while,
studying for her Masters in
Canada. I had a quick flash back
in my subconscious. The smile
grew wider.
I crossed to the other side of the
road. I needed to take a “keke
napep” to the entrance of my
street. I still had a little bit of
distance to cover so I increased
my pace. I wondered why there
were so much people in this part
of Lagos. It is the outskirts of the
commercial center of the city and
yet it was a host to a lot of new
tenants every day. I dreamt of
one day owning plots of land in
Banana Island, having properties
on Queens Drive Ikoyi or even a
big Hotel in Lekki. Not this
dumpster I had to hide in
because of my past.
“Owa o.” I said to the driver as I
got to my bus stop. I paid him,
collected my change and
watched as he zoomed off. I
waited patiently at the bus stop
for the road to clear so I could
cross and enter my street. I was
still waiting there when all of a
sudden, a black tinted Toyota
camry screeched to a stop in
front of me. The back door
yanked open and a huge man,
dark glasses, wearing a mafia
suit came out of the car, gave me
a blinding slap and then bundled
me inside the car. The car sped
off. All happened in seconds.
My head was ringing; I felt blood
on my lips. I touched my lower
lip. There was a little cut and it
was a bit swollen. It took a while
for my eyes to readjust to the
darkness inside the car. I was
sandwiched between two huge
men. The one who hit me was on
my right. I could tell because he
still had his glasses on. I studied
my environment trying to make
out any detail that would help
me. The dimly lit car did not help
matters. Two guys. I guessed
they were thugs. The other guy
wore a body hugging t-shirt,
silver necklace and had a huge
mustache. He was smoking and
did not seem to care about me.
The driver wore a face cap. Met
his eyes about once or twice
from the rear view mirror. There
was no other passenger in front.
I could feel the eyes of my captor
on me. I wanted to speak but
was afraid to. I opened my
mouth. Nothing came out. I was
still in a state of shock. I quickly
said a prayer for God to forgive
me of my sins. I was too young
too die. Different thought
crossed my mind. These guys
looked a little bit sophisticated. I
did not owe any one money. I
did not do any bad deals. Had my
old life finally caught up with me?
I managed to catch a glimpse of
the macho’s wristwatch. It was
pure gold. Welders. Were they
ritual killers? I shuddered at the
thought. So this was how I was
going to die?
We were driving at high speeds,
avoiding the small roads and
sticking to the freeway. My eyes
were accustomed to the dimly lit
vehicle. I decided if I was going
to die, I should at least know
what was happening. As I made
to open my mouth, Macho man’s
phone rang.
“Hello ma. Yes ma’am, we got the
package. Okay ma.”
The other guy finished his
cigarette and lit another one.
Package? Am I the package? A
woman was calling the shots?
I decided to be brave.
“Good evening sir. Please sir
what I have I done? Where are
you taking me? I beg you in the
name…” I began to say, facing
Macho man.
The smoking thug gave me a
powerful back hand slap to the
side of my face.
I passed out.
The room was spacious and
wide. Exotic furniture neatly
arranged at the corners of the
huge sitting room. The blinds
were slightly drawn allowing a
trickle of early morning sun into
the room. There was a huge
plasma on the wall and a bar to
its left. The walls were painted
white with an accent of blood
red here and there in the room.
The blinds were red, the couch,
the reclining chair, the little table
and even the bar was painted
red. Every other thing was in
pure white including the ceiling.
Sophia paced uneasily to and fro.
She had a bottle of Baileys on
one hand and a wine cup in the
other. She was restless. She was
worried. Bruno and Marshal
were yet to get back to her. This
was a simple mission. Get the
boy, and bring him to the safe
house. She did not trust those
fools but they had been highly
recommended by Gambo. Now
they were nowhere to be found.
Her phone rang again, it was the
General. She had this strong
desire not to answer the phone.
But the General always knew. She
answered it on the first ring.
“What is the situation on ground,
S?” The General asked. She could
see the wrinkles on his forehead.
The General always knew. She
was sure he already knew what
the situation was. He had spies
everywhere. That was why he
was called the General. Everyone
feared him. No one dared him.
Very few people have met him.
And the General hardly calls.
When he did, there was trouble.
“The situation is under control
sir.” Sophia answered.
“I did not ask if the situation was
under control. I asked WHAT the
situation is. I am going to call you
pretty soon. You had better have
an answer for me.” He said and
hung up.
Typical General. Always the last to
speak and never failing to seize
an opportunity to keep you edgy.
She knew that he knew that the
fools she had sent to bring in the
boy were MIA. This was her first
major assignment. She really did
not want to flop. She originally
wanted to take a subtle measure.
Lure him in with some girl. But
that would take time and there
was a chance he would not fall
for the bait. Force was the only
They had been watching Sean for
three months now, twenty four
hours round the clock. They had
a different agent on him every
six hours. He had been chosen as
the ideal candidate. Perfect
height. Perfect age. Perfect face,
countenance, education and
work orientation. All that
remained was to determine his
lifestyle and how a typical day for
Sean looked like. Sophia spent
hours going over each agent’s
report about Sean. She was
always with her radio; the agents
would phone in to say that Sean
had changed routine or gone
somewhere away from their
jurisdiction. This was where her
leadership came in. She would
order them to follow or let him
be. She had pulled her strings
twice. Sean had made plans to
travel out of the city. He had
bought a ticket to fly to Abuja.
This was going to put a huge
hole in their plans. He had to be
kept in the city at all costs. A call
was made to the General. Sean
was held back at work and
denied leave to travel. Another
time, his office had made plans
for his department to travel for a
refresher course in Kenya. Sophia
was informed. The trip was
terminated. They had contacts
everywhere including the
government. When they wanted
something, they always got it.
They had considered kidnapping
his girlfriend. The General did not
want the silly police force
involved. They would just be
crawling everywhere, impeding
progress. This was going to be a
snatch and grab operation. Very
few witnesses, if any. Sean lived a
reckless life. His mother hardly
monitored him. She believed he
was capable of handling himself.
They sometimes went three
weeks without communicating.
He had no close friends. His
girlfriend was travelling out of
the country. She was the only
worry. A slight worry that could
be easily fixed.
So they had decided to ‘grab’
Sean. They waited patiently for
the opportunity. A black Toyota
Prado was parked across the
street opposite New Inn, the
hotel that Sean and his girlfriend
were in. They waited for five
hours, listening in on their
conversation and their sex. Sean
had been bugged. As usual.
There was a different agent
every day and a different agent
for this purpose. A handshake, a
hug, a collision, whatever
brought physical contact. And
they were good. The microchip
was planted on him. The
transmitter was live. Sean never
suspected anything. They most
times knew of his plans for the
next day. So they had planned
the smash and grab to
perfection. They knew he was
going home to see his mother
that evening. They knew his
girlfriend was going out of the
country. They knew he would
always wait to cross the road
when he got down from the
“keke napep”. That was when
they would strike. They only
hoped that he would not cross
the road too soon or decide not
to go home. If that happened
they would have to hatch
another plan.
A Toyota Camry was at Agric bus
stop waiting for the signal to
know when they would move.
The Toyota Prado trailed the bus
Sean was in. It was easy. Sophia
was listening in the whole time
via radio communication. She
chipped in orders here and there
and monitored the whole
operation. The Toyota Camry
traced the “keke-napep”,
increased speed when Sean got
off and picked him up at the bus
stop. It was done. Mission
accomplished. She called Marshal
to confirm if he had the package.
He was positive. The journey
would take approximately 8
hours. They knew that. All
contingency measures had been
put in place. All possible
loopholes were closed and taken
care of. And if anything else came
up unexpectedly out of the blues,
there was Bruno. He was the
brain. He had the ability of split
second thinking. He was able to
come up with ideas to go past
seemingly impassable hurdles.
But Sophia did not envision any
problems. She had spoken to
Marshal again at 2am when they
were leaving Benin City, Edo
State. All was going smoothly. She
had decided to take a much
needed nap.
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The Cornerstone of a beautiful family

I was shocked to the bone and not just the bone but to the marrow too, my heart even fly from my chest to my heart, I fall back instantly and started shifting back slowly.
They walk in like the ghost they are.
Adanna: what, not happy to see me?
Adaeze: I think he is too happy to admit.
Me: ad a a ad ada ada adanna (I stammered).
they walk in and close the door behind them, they sit in bed and continue watching me.
Adanna: when you cool your temper down then we can talk.
I still remain on the floor looking at the them as if I don’t know them before, I move backward and relax my back on the wall and them I summoned courage and ask.
Me: what are you doing here?
Adanna: what do you think?
Me: to kill me?
Adanna: no no no death will be too quick for you, I wont kill you because I still love you, the only person I will kill is Mercy, I heard she traveled to Edo state,
Adaeze: that will even be easier right Mummy.
Adanna: of course we have more friends there than here sweetheart.
I know I can’t escape this no matter how I plan to do it, for her to return I know my life is over and am ready to surrender my life to her since there is nothing I can do but what I can’t take is the fact that mercy is involve.
I knelt down and move to her with tears on my eyes.
Me: please adanna take my life and leave mercy out of it, I beg you with all my heart I will do anything you ask without second thought please I beg you (I continue begging her and also holding her hands, am not afraid anymore because I know am going to die)
Adanna: am not going to kill her sweetie because I can’t, I visit her before coming here.
Adaeze: really mother?
Adanna: yes, the god she serve is really protecting her that’s why we wont near her.
Adaeze: so how are we going to kill her?
Adanna: we won’t kill her, he will.
Me: what?
as i shout what Adanna pushed me to the floor and lie ontop me she open my mouth wide and blow a heavy breeze inside my body, I started feeling some kind of energy in me, she got up from my body and then I started rolling on the floor as if something is walking on my body.
Adaeze: mother what did you do.
Adanna: I just confessed him, that’s how he will kill his lover.
Adaeze: if you confess him how you resurrect your lover?
Adanna: when she kill her lover my spirit will leave him.
I stop rolling and stood up, I bend before her and said.
“command me Mistress”..
I dont know what am doing but i know something inside me or something
possessed me and there is nothing i can do, it was like my head is not
mine anymore but someone else own, oh yeah am right am not in
control of myself anymore Adanna now controls me.
I wokeup the following morning and started preparing to travel to Edo
state to meet Mercy, i dont know why am going there but i know it
something bad, Adanna said i will kill Mercy with my own hand because
she cant kill her because of her God, if she believe her God is
stronger than her own then why wont she repent?
I arrange my things that morning and walk out, i sat in front of my
room and started thinking.
My neighnbour Joshua came and asked.
Joshua: ah ah this one u sit down here this early morning hope all is well?
Me: yeah all is well.
Josh: so wetin you they do here this early morning?
Me: thinking.
Josh: thinking about what?
Me: about my life.
Josh: haaa somebody die?
Me: not yet but people go die.
Josh: wetin they worry you this morning self, you drink sleep last night abi?
Me: you want know wetin they worry me?
Josh: you nor well na me you they open eye for?
Me: me no well? just wait.
I left him there and went inside his own room.
Josh: hey weti you they find for my room? Come out now.
I look at the back of the door and saw a big cuttlass, i took it and as i
want to open the door to come out, i saw his hand at the door trying
to open it too, i raise the cuttlass up and cut his hand, he shouted
loudly and ran back, i open the door and started pursueing him with
the cuttlass.
Josh: he has run mad oh, he has run mad oh, make una help.
everybody came out and started watching the guys chase after me to hold me
from slaughtering Joshua, i still pursue him with his hand bringing out
blood, i even cut off three of his fingers and still chasing after him
to finish him completely, he ran outside to main road and i continue
chasing him with my hands still raised up to cut his head off, the
guys caught up with me and as they want to catch me i wave the
cuttlass at them and started chasing all of them, they all ran to
different direction until the soldier man came out from his room, he
came to me and as i raise the cuttlass up to cut his head, he hold my
hands like magnet and hit me on my head, i fell down and faint.
I saw myself in a hospital bed with plasters all over my body, i tried
to move my hand but i cant, i look at my hand and saw handcuff.
Okay what i did was out of this world, Joshua is my best friend and we
love each others like brothers, you dont think i will purposely want
to kill him do you?
Oh well me myself dont know but am feeling tasting like i want to kill
everybody around me, am i now a serial killer or what?
I thought she said i will kill only Mercy? I can see everything
happening but i cant stop it, it like been remote.
I relaxed in the bed since i dont know what else to do or where i am,
all i know is that am in a hospital bed probably in aba and i know am
in a serious trouble for cutting my neigbhour’s hand, i will probably
face charges, but how come am injured on my head and body because i
wasnt beaten up at all as far i can remember.
Some guys came in with uniforms, they discuss somethings before they
remove the handcuff from the bed and took me up, they chain my hands
together and start pushing me out of the building, they dont even care
about the injury on my body, they suppose petting me self not been
hard on me, i came out of a big building and in front of me i saw a
police van with other guys surrounding it holding cuttlass and all,
they tried to collobi the police men so that they will take me but
when the police men crack their gun they shift back immediately, they
pushed me to their van and force me inside, as they drove off the
people started throwing stones at us, we came out into main Aba /
Owerri road, going to park side, before getting to UBA bank after that
cathedral, a van came from nowhere to hit our van, we carry head go
scatter Rhema University building with heavy injuries, even the car
throway me inside the Rhema building, i was bleeding and i cant even
move, some guys came down from the van with cuttlass and guns, they
wore masked with black shirt, they left the officers and came to me, one
of them hold me my leg and started drawing me on the ground, they took
me to their car and drove off
I dont know where they are taking me to because am blindfolded but all
the same i know i wont survive it at all.
What i did to Joshua was wrong but he dont have injure innocent police men just
to get back at me, if he like he kill me because i know my life is already
over since the day i saw Adanna again.
Adanna was my lover, we met in a mysterious way and she vanish in a
mysterious way and now mysteriously she has appear again, we loved each other
until she plan to chain me forever so that we both wont die, so that we will
forever be as husband and wife, but all her plan was thrown away when
Mercy my first love defeated her in Lords chosen headquarter in Aba, i
thought it was the end but i never knew i planted a seed inside her.
Adaeze our daughter used me to resurrect her mother and now her mother
want to use me to resurrect her lost husband because we are blood, i
dont know who to turn to and even self the Mercy my savior is not here
and even she too is not safe because i will kill her anytime we meet,
who will help me from this bondage?
Will i be able to overcome?
What will happen to Mercy?
What will happen to my soul?
What about my loving parents?
What about my school?
obviously there is no hope for me and even though i try to run they
will get me, so it better i let Joshua and his gang kill me than allow
my soul to be used to resurrect another lost soul.
As i wonder in wonderland they stop and they started coming down, they
drag my hand out of the van and started pushing me to where i dont
know, i climb stairs into veranda i dont know though they just direct me
with my hand.
Inside the building they free my face and i discover that am in an
uncompleted buidling with no windows and grass are even growing inside
the building, it looks like an abandon uncompleted buiding, i saw
myself facing three men with heavy cuttlass like that of bakassi, or
maybe they are bakkassi.
They just stand here without uttering any word and me cant run because
they will chop of my head like terrorist.
Me: what do you want?
“we want your head” said Joshua as he walk in majestically with his
hands plastered wearing complete black suit like Capone.
Me: Joshua.
Josh: you know say you nor go commot here alive abi?
Me: abeg na beg i they beg, kill me.
Josh: wetin you talk?
Me: i say kill wetin you they wait for?
Josh: i will kill you after removing you teeths and fingers.
Me: anyhow you want to do it do it faster no time.
They started looking at each other confusely.
Josh: the guy wan die fast fast wetin una they wait for make una tie am
for table and remove his teeths and fingers first.
he told his gangs but they didnt move until he shouted at them.
They took me and tie my hands and legs ontop one big table and then
Joshua brought our plier to ply my mouth.
Josh: in your next word you will never dare Aba boys.
he open my mouth wide as the guys hold me tight, as he put the plier
on my mouth to remove my teeth, the ground started shaking
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The Competition of love

I asked Aunty Tope again, to be sure
about what I
heard her say at first. And yes, she
repeated it. She
meant what I heard. She was even
motioning with
her protruded meat-filled mouth for me
to go ahead
fast! The itching seemed to be unusually
severe and
discomforting. She tried saying
something but the
meat in her mouth stifled her voice. She
could only
mutter some inaudible meaningless
sounds to which
I paid little attention.
“Get closer ma,” I managed to require,
doing my best
to keep my composure. If someone had
told me a
minute ago, that I would soon be in
such an awkward
position, I would have flatly argued the
“Uhhmmmm….uhm…uhmmmm” she
growled again.
It was hard to get a word from her but
I seemed to
understand her to mean I should hurry.
So I began
dipping my hand into her denim
As I did, the same scary question that
had being in
my head all along popped up one more
time “what if
mom comes into the kitchen?”. That
was a big
question I wasn’t sure what answer it
could get. Mum
should be tremendously happy to link
this rather
curious situation of ours to all her long
suspicions. The earlier I went about
this, the better, it
Initially, it kept proving too tight to
maneuver but
when I remembered that the hook was
still intact, I
was quick to go for it.
Aunty Tope as we called her was (in
explanation) mum’s closest friend. She
attended the
Teacher’s Training College with mom
back in the days
and both graduated to become basic
school teachers.
Although mom progressed further and
have grown
to become a lecturer in the University.
Tope didn’t
have exactly the same story. She joined
the business
society and soon became far richer
than mum. She
was never married though and thus
always had all
the time in the world to make long
visits to our home.
She usually stayed several weeks before
leaving and
we all grew up knowing her to be some
kind of
inexplicably ‘unrelated’ relative.
Unfortunately, as I got older I began to
notice her a
bit more. And this time, not just as
Aunty Tope but as
a very pretty woman who I was going
to be more
than glad to F**K. She was in her early
forties and
more than 18years older than me but I
never cared! I
always had long-lasting erections
thinking about her!
Many times I had poured my Pour just
at the thought
of holding her b-----s which were
actually the most
beautiful things in her body! Even
though I have
caught her starring at me a lot of times,
I still haven’t
really felt she was interested in going in
with me.
Probably because of the age difference
but I was
dying within me to see her change her
mind. Mum
noticed the crush and had to call me on
a certain
occasion for explanations during which
I starkly
denied ever having any interest.
Needless to say, her
monitoring increased and she rarely
ever allowed the
two of us in the same rooms for too
long. Her
constant reference to Aunty Tope as a
loose woman
was enough to drive home why she
would think
Aunty Tope could F**K me. I wasn’t
seeing the
likelihood myself. At least until this
Be…quichmmmw!!,,” auntie Tope
griped again into
my hearing. She could talk a little bit
more now and
her desperation was much more
I didn’t reply, rather got on my knees
and carefully
unzipped her fly a bit – revealing part
of her yellow
cotton panty. My Joystick twitched that
It was just incomprehensible how I had
auntie Tope’s
panty right under my nose. I also kept
how she could be feeling such itching in
her left thigh
all of a sudden, as it were!
My Joystick twitched that instant!
We had been seating and chatting right
inside the
kitchen while downing a bowl of fried
meat mom had
prepared, when she suddenly jumped
down from the
countertop and frantically began to
gesture that she
needed me to scratch her thigh so bad!
Her hands
were oily and had meat in them while I
had been
eating with a fork – meaning she was
likely not going
to be able to do it herself. But even
when I attempted
to scratch her thigh through the denim
she was
putting on, she refused and instead
insisted that I
must have to deep my hand into her
jean trousers to
get it done. Anyways, I went ahead as
instructed, but
after dropping the denim’s zipper a bit
and attempted
dipping my hand again, it got stuck just
Incidentally, it was also curiously
cramped into the
area above her crotch! I froze! She was
really not
smooth shaven and the back of my
palm was
pleasantly basking in the cushion
created by the
stubs on her pubics!
“Come on Danny…!! “, she suddenly
burst out saying,
spraying chewed meat all over the
place! “this is
hurting me! It appears to be an ant
biting me! Please
stop this thing!” she had deposited her
right on the counter, the floor and of
course my head
and was now only able to talk audibly
Considering that I had earlier thought
she was
suddenly yelling because of where my
hand was, I
was quickly relieved to see that she was
requiring me to intensify my efforts. So
I only just
cleared my head of the many crumbs of
meat and continued.
I tried forcing my hand further down
still even
without opening up the zipper really
much but kept
pushing and grazing my rear palm
against her
covered pubic hair instead! She
remained calm while
I did so although she did stamp her left
foot now and
again on the floor – probably because
of the agony
from her itchy thigh. When it appeared
I wouldn’t be
able to reach as deep as her thigh, I
brought my
other hand forward and simply
unzipped her fly all
the way down! Her panty covered
Kittycat and crotch
where now right before my eyes! I
could tell out the
many short turfs of pubic hair
concealed by the
cotton material as they imprinted
visible stubs on the
fabric. The manner with which the
bands of the panty
strapped onto the flesh of her
uppermost thighs as
well as her wide hips, were an e----c
beauty to
behold! Not to talk of the visible outline
of her
Kittycat lips as they gradually
disappeared into the
foot of the denim’s fly!
My Joystick wasn’t bearing it like the
rest of my body
anymore – it was already up and had
across the length of my thigh, seeking
to pop out of
the leg of my shorts as soon as it could!
“Just move your hands towards the
right…”, she
suddenly broke in, bringing me out of
my unexpected
I instantly looked up to her face,
meeting her
desperate yet embarrassed eyes in the
course. But
then found my way back down;
although I didn’t fail
to observe how both her taut Tips
wickedly poked
through the material of her top! Her
B---m were just
alluringly heavy and they sat on her
chest like
oversized citruses!
Anyways, I returned to her trousers
again, and began
to gently shove my right palm across
her panty and
towards the left side of her pelvis after
pulling it
down a bit – all in a bid to ascertain if
the whole
drama is really been caused by an ant
as she
As I did, my palm caressed her Unclad
lower belly
and even went as far as amply
massaging the area I
felt was the start of her Kittycat! She
fidgeted just
about then, lifting her left knee
slightly! I paused, but
after a few moments of non-motion, I
resumed. It
was rather paradoxical how my rather
slow approach
was now suddenly looking to be the
abrupt cure to
the burning itch.
Auntie Tope had become a little less
restless and she
appeared patient now as I eventually
had my palm
completely dipped, and rested onto her
lift thigh. The
tightness of the denim, meant I would
barely have
the room to clench the palm for a
scratch as it
remained buried inside the trouser.
“You are almost there, she started
abruptly…”motioning her oily left hand
towards her
g---n as though to signal that I was still
expected to
come up a little more. I went on to do
as she
expected. “Yes…just there baby! Wait…
wait..come right a little again”
I came right and was feeling the leg-
band of her
panty as it strapped into the skin of her
thigh! I could
also feel several strands of stubby hair
there as they
loosely brushed against my stretched
palm just as I
finally squared into the itchy spot. It
was more than
clear now that it wasn’t an ant or
anything of that
nature since I was barely feeling any
“Yea baby…” she instantly reaffirmed
“scratch that
spot please! It hurts really bad”
I then began to gradually scratch the
spot as she
requested, even though her taut denim
wouldn’t let
me curl my palm comfortably.
However, while still
doing so, my thumb incidentally kept
pressing into
the left fold of her peculiarly puffy
Kittycat lips! On
the 8th or so scratch, the thumb went
even further
accidently and grabbed an outer
Kittycat lip through
the fabric of the panty! Chilling halt
followed! I waited
to hear her shout or rebuke my
seeming naughtiness
but she didn’t do a thing. She didn’t
even speak, to my
utter surprise though. It was totally a
mistake and I
was looking to be careful to avoid it
repeating itself.
However though, my Joystick wasn’t
thinking so too
as I was epically having a hard time
containing the
huge phallus which was almost now
popping out
from the underside of my shorts! It had
grown so big
and was eager for attention! It was
more than
apparent that a popular side of me was
immense fun and gladness from the
scratch-task I
had in hand! Quite fortunately or
unfortunately, just
about when I thought I was through
with the
scratching, auntie Tope immediately
requested that I
moved up again!!
“Please Danny…just a little towards my
hip”, she said.
“It is a mild one” she was signaling
with her hand
again, directing me to her g---n.
“Okay ma”, was my reply. There was
joy in my heart…
and probably on my Joystick too!
Anyways, I began to lift my palm from
within her
denim but then, for a second time, I
had my finger
push into her Kittycat again! This time
around, it
wasn’t exactly my thumb, but my little
finger which
had taken a reflex bend as I slid my
hand out. And
then in the course got itself exactly on
the underside
of auntie Tope’s v---a! It was going to
probably slide
in if not for the panty! She instantly
jumped on
contact! But never spoke! She only
appeared to bend
herself to the back a bit, as though she
was running
away from a further probe! As she did,
my finger did
graze the crotch of her panty, where it
covered her
v---a and I effortlessly identified the
many folds that
formed her womanliness as they
maneuvered their
way to form what was definitely a
meaty Kittycat! I
could also swear to have noticed a tad
of dampness
about a certain spot on the panty’s
crotch! I couldn’t
really believe though, that I was
making auntie Tope
wet as she was making me hard! I still
only wanted to
leave it as mere suspicion anyways!
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